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Swap Dates & Rules

The plan is to carry out 3 swapping rounds, each with a different partner. I will confirm each swap round before partners are issued as to whether you want to continue to take part, I don't want anyone to feel that they're tied into something that they can't manage. Also, people can sign up at any point and I'll add them to the list for the next swap.

The parcel of goodies should include at least one hand made item, and then a small selection of other nice things that you think the person would like, this could include craft materials, food, books, nail varnish etc. I'm not going to put a price limit on the first swap round, but please be sensible. I may review this for the future rounds if it becomes necessary. You can make things with any crafts that you want, I know we already have knitters, crocheters, jewellery makers, painters and foodies on board.

You will be provided with basic information about your swap pal, such as shoe size, head circumference and allergies. If you need any more information to help you make your craft item, please pass those questions through me so that we can keep you a secret until your partner receives their parcel.

To keep the excitement levels up, it would be great if you can share teaser photos of parcels that you are putting together as you do (without giving away the whole thing or who it is for). I'd particularly love to see photos of the goodies packed up and ready to go (without addresses obviously)


  • Round 1: Sign up closed. Parcel to be received by partner by 13th December 2013. (Parcels can be sent early if you assemble them sooner)
  • Round 2: Sign up by 10th January 2014. Parcel to be received by swap partner by 4th April 2014
  • Round 3: dates to be confirmed
Please let me know when you have sent your parcels, and when you receive your parcel.